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code promo a The best seller code promo a OFF 60% discount codes and vouchers Eye makeup really enhances the beauty of the eye and makes the eye pop. Makeup makes smaller eyes look larger, and very large eyes can get more depth and richness with the proper use of eye makeup products. Applying Eye Makeup The application of makeup for eyes is really an art form. Often it takes some practice to get really good at it, and to find the best look for you. When applying makeup to your face the eye products should go on before anything else. The main reason for this is that eye shadows and eyeliners can get messy and if you have to use a cream to wipe away any excess, or to clean up around the eye it is much easier when your face is clean and without foundation. The order of application should be eyeliner, then shadow and then mascara. Starting with eyeliner will define the area, which makes it easier to apply shadow correctly. The mascara should be last because it needs to stay clean and if it is put on before the shadow then particles of the eye shadow will land on the mascara, which is impossible to clean up. Eye Shadow The best application tip for eye shadow is to use a good bristle brush and not the sponge applicators that come standard with eyeshades. You will not believe the difference in using a good bristle brush like the pros use. The shadow will blend and apply much smoother and easier, the color is cleaner and the bristle brush fills creases so much better than those spongy applicators. A set of good makeup brushes is essential for any makeup kit, and not just for eyes, for blush and powder as well. Eye shadow colors are a personal choice, though there are some standards that apply to everyone. If you have blue or green eyes, then try using same shades for shadow. Eye shadow has the amazing ability to enhance the colors of the eyes so it will make green eyes much greener, sometimes turn them a different shade of green, or even make them appear blue or agua if you use a deep shimmery blue shadow. The darker colors of shadow such as deep browns, blacks and grays will give a very dramatic effect, especially when used with a dark eyeliner. This look is best saved for evening as it is quite stark and may look a little garish in daylight for women who have light colored eyes. Those who have dark eyes can benefit from metallic eye shadows of any color, though the earth tones, grays and silvers often look best and give those darker pupils more of a pop and richness. With a little practice and experience any woman can find the best looks for her eyes, and can turn any plain Jane into a raving beauty. discount codes and vouchers

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